Colour Choice For My Car

I have probably mentioned it somewhere on my site before that I am somewhat different to others. I could use many examples in my life to how this is so. But keeping it within the theme of my site here, I am writing a short post about the colour choice of my car.

When it comes to choosing a colour of my car, its not that hard. As long as it stands out from the rest, then it’s all good! So naturally (for me) I picked pink this time around. In fact, this is the first time for me to choose such a colour. Does it stand out? Of course it does! Am I “actually” happy with it? As asked by one of my close friends. The answer is an obvious yes!

I am picky with my choice but not that picky. As I’ve said, as long as it stands out then its fine. What I meant by not being that picky is for example: I am not fussed about the shade of that particular colour.

The appearance of a car, to me, resembles someone’s personality. I guess mine is calling out “look at me look at me”. I know what many of you re thinking out there. I like the attention. Short answer is YES!

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