Hello and welcome to this site of mine. You might be asking what this site is all about? Apart from the obvious domain name which will give it away. If you’re thinking it is about Toyotas, you are right.. but I’d like to think it is more than that. It will (well I hope) beĀ  community where all Toyota owners and enthusiasts can get together share their love of our cars.

So what is this website about?

  • Information relating to Toyotas
  • Car related services
  • Community for Toyota owners and enthusiasts
  • Private buying and selling of Toyotas (a work in progress!)

Who is this website suitable for?

  • Anyone interested in Toyotas and car related content
  • Toyota lovers

By the way, many of you out there might be wondering.. why is my site based on a pink theme? Well, let me give you a big hint.. think car… yep you guessed it. My car is hot pink! Weird but I love it. told you I am different to others.

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