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How I Keep My Car Spotless

As many car enthusiasts would agree. Keeping our pride and joy clean and spotless is personal! I mean you’re not really¬† car enthusiast if you can’t even keep your car in a shiny and sparkling state. Am I right? Of course I am. I am never wrong. So when it comes to cleaning my car, I take it very seriously. Of course I am open to any ideas you all out the have when it comes to washing and detailing of your car.

Being the owner of this site, I am biased. And there’s nothing you can do about it! Just kidding. Many friends of mine have asked me about how I keep my pink Toyota clean and immaculate. to be honest I don’t really do it. Well, I do the routine washing and wiping of the interior, but the real secret is to get a really good car detailer. Then once you’ve found a good one, stick to them and have your car detailed regularly. And I really mean regularly. Do not skip this step!

Some of the people I know gets their car professional detailed once a year – which is not bad but to be honest, if you really love your car I would suggest at least once every three months. Kid me not! Look, the proof is in the pudding. Take a look at the state of my car.

Ok ok.. I will get to it. I will spill the beans about who I use for my car detailing. Hmm should I really share it? I guess if I want the rest of you to share, then I have to lead the way and share my car detailer. Here is the link to my car detailer that I go to every single time without a fail.

The guy that I get to detail my car is not really well known. But he was a gem to find! He is, in my opinion is really good at what he does. To be honest his new business will be hitting the big time really soon. He deserves it though I must say.

So there you go, I’ve shared. Your turn!