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How choosing the right alloy wheels to make your car look appealing

This week’s topic is among the favorites of our dear readers. I’m sure you’ve experienced this as you’re dressing up your ride – after getting an awesome paintjob, kick-ass sound system, and cool interiors, you find out you didn’t pay enough attention on your wheels. Listen up: wheels and tires can make or break your ride!

Because of this, you find yourself face to face with a hugely daunting task – choosing the right wheels to suit the look that you want for your car. You have to make sure to match it with your ride so that the whole thing goes well together. Like in many things in life, not all alloy wheels are the same. There’s always an ideal one depending on the set up of your car, whether it’s a street, classic, racing or passenger car.

The key element is that style should always match performance. Nothing looks worse than a dressed up ride with matching shoes but nothing underneath the hood. Even if it’s a vintage jalopy you’d like to drive around with the missus on the weekends, there’s a matching alloy wheel that will enhance your car’s overall look.

The saying “the devil is in the details” has never been more appropriate than in the case of selecting your wheels. So, the best recourse is to do tons of research: check out the latest car magazines, take a look at some videos of car and wheel match-ups, and lastly and more importantly, scope out what the cars in your neighborhood are sporting. This helps you decide whether you want to have a unique look or follow the trend. But it don’t matter. In the end, it’s what you are happy with that counts.

So add some style and street cred to your hot ride by selecting the most ideal alloy wheels.

Toyota Limousine You Can Hire!

C’mon let’s face it, we’ve all gone through high school and hired a limousine for the night right? You know.. the time when you had about ten to twelve people all who paid for their share? Well, in my time of hiring limos turned out to be about $20 per head. I don’t know about you, but that’s a bargain. Years later… which is now, I am not sure how much they charge nowadays. Had a quick search on the net and found this site: and gave ‘em a quick call to spy on their prices. Turned out, nowadays you’d have to fork out way more. But to be honest I think it’s justified, the fact that they have a variety of “pimped out” limos! Unlike the old days, where it tend to be same ol’ same ol’ if you what I mean.

Anyways, I created this post to also let you know I manage to stumble on a Toyota limo! Believe it or not.. a freakin’ Toyota. It wasn’t by searching on the net, this time around, I myself was driving around.. as you do, when I saw a Toyota limousine next to me at the lights. From my experience, the majority of the limos I’ve seen driving around are Chryslers and Holden. Mind you, it may be different from suburb to suburb, but where I live, I have never seen a Toyota limousine, so hence the excitement when I saw one. So excited that I wrote this post immediately as I got home.

Many of you will be asking what type and model it was, but as much as I am an enthusiast, I didn’t quite catch the model of the Toyota. I know I should of! So sorry about it. Anyways, I will probably see it around again as it’s probably a local owner. If I do see it again, ever, I will swear I’ll take a photo of it. And of course, share it with you all!

Colour Choice For My Car

I have probably mentioned it somewhere on my site before that I am somewhat different to others. I could use many examples in my life to how this is so. But keeping it within the theme of my site here, I am writing a short post about the colour choice of my car.

When it comes to choosing a colour of my car, its not that hard. As long as it stands out from the rest, then it’s all good! So naturally (for me) I picked pink this time around. In fact, this is the first time for me to choose such a colour. Does it stand out? Of course it does! Am I “actually” happy with it? As asked by one of my close friends. The answer is an obvious yes!

I am picky with my choice but not that picky. As I’ve said, as long as it stands out then its fine. What I meant by not being that picky is for example: I am not fussed about the shade of that particular colour.

The appearance of a car, to me, resembles someone’s personality. I guess mine is calling out “look at me look at me”. I know what many of you re thinking out there. I like the attention. Short answer is YES!